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Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood attraction
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Attraction type Haunted Maze
Event Halloween Horror Nights 2019
Park Universal Studios Hollywood
Area Metro Lot
Year 2019
Housed in FDTD Area

Based On

Creepshow (1982)

Creepshow (2019)

Creepshow was one of the ten haunted mazes that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights 2019 (Hollywood). It was located in the FDTD Area.


On August 3rd, 2019, Universal Studios Hollywood announced that a haunted maze based on the 1982 film, and the brand new TV-series from Shudder Creepshow would be coming to their Halloween Horror Nights event that year.


Experience a horror comic book come to life! Your host for this horrifying journey is The Creep, the skeletal namesake of the Creepshow comic book, who will lead you through five jolting tales of terror inspired by the classic 1982 horror anthology and the upcoming Shudder series from horror legend Greg Nicotero. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have being scared!.



The facade was a large comic book. On the left side was the cover of Creepshow with a title that says "Strange, Eerie, Terrifying. Creepshow Tales of Suspense and Horror!!!" featuring The Creep on the bottom. To the right it shows three different comic books that are all titled Creepshow, including "Father's Day", "Bad Wolf Down", and "Grey Matter". Below those three comic books is a door, through which guests would enter the haunted maze. Outside, a voiceover would play recreating the prologue scene from the original film, were Stan doesn't want Billy to read Creepshow comic books. At night, light effects would flash on the facade simulating lightning.

Haunted Maze[]

As guests pass through the facade, they would walk down a hallway with comic book pages on the left and right. On the left there was an ad that mentions the Creepshow comic book "Father's Day". On the right there were two ads for the comic books "The Crate" and "Authentic Monkey's Paw". Guests would then pass through a set of black curtains into a room with two comic book ads, one on the left showing a muscular guy with the title "Muscle-Up!" and one in front of guests (showing the comic book "They're Creeping Up On You!"). After passing through another set of black curtains, guests would enter another room with a Creepshow comic on the left titled "Grey Matter". The Creep would pop out from behind a comic in front of guests (which is titled "Back Issues") making an evil cackle. Next, guests would enter another room with a comic ad titled "Monster S-I-Z-E Monsters" with a picture of Frankenstein's Monster on it. The following room features another Creepshow comic book, this time with the title "Bad Wolf Down". In this same room The Creep would pop out in front of guests from behind a poster of him.

Guests would walk through a pitch-black hallway, where they would enter the first episode "Father's Day". The first room of Father's Day featured the Grantham Family Plot. There, guests could see Nathan Grantham coming from out of his grave, and the static figure Bedelia Grantham (recreating the scene where Nathan is comes out of his grave and says "Where's my Cake, Bedelia"). Inside one of the windows of the Grantham Mansion, guests could see The Creep laughing. Passing through a set of white curtains, guests would enter the mansion. On the left, red and blue lights would flash as Nathan Grantham pops out in front of guests from behind a set of white curtains. Guests would then see Nathan Grantham choking his great niece Sylvia Grantham, before they would enter into the kitchen. Behind the door on the right was the static figure of Mrs. Danvers. Walking further into the kitchen, guests would see Nathan Grantham run out of a set of kitchen doors, holding a plate with Sylvia's head (which has candles on it, recreating the scene where Nathan got his cake). The final room of Father's Day is pitch-black. Nathan Grantham would pop out one last time on the left of guests from a set of black curtains.

Walking down a pitch-black hallway, guests would enter a room with the cover of the comic "The Crate" in front of them. As guests enter the episode The Crate, they would see an office in Amberson Hall where a crate can be seen on top of a desk. Fluffy would scare guests by jumping out of the crate as guests walk around it. The lower half of Mike the Janitor could also be seen sticking out of the crate. After that guests would enter a small room with a flight of stairs with Fluffy's crate underneath them. Fluffy could be seen trying to escape the crate as guests could hear the sound of birds chirping (recreating the scene when Dexter told Charlie "Don't go in there"). The next room is pitch-black. either Charlie Gereson, or Dexter Stanley would pop out to the right of guests from behind a set of black curtains. The final room of this episode is another pitch-black room, where Fluffy could be seen on the right sitting on top of his crate and scaring guests.

The next room features a comic book titled "They're Creeping Up On You!". The Creep would jump out from behind the comic book to scare guests. Entering the next episode, guests would be greeted with the inside of Upson Pratt's penthouse in New York City during a city-wide blackout. Guests would enter inside of a darkened white room with thousands of tiny Cockroaches all over Upson's desk, table, and jukebox. In this same room, Upson Pratt would pop out to the left of guests from behind a white door, covered in cockroaches. As guests make a right turn they would walk by a glass room that hold Upson Pratt lying on a sofa as bugs crawl over his corpse.

As guests walked down another pitch-black hallway with thin wires to simulate the cockroaches crawling on guests and the sound of crunching playing by the guests’ feet, they would see another comic book titled "Grey Matter". Guests would enter this new episode by going into Richie Grenadine's Home, and Doc, Chief and Timothy Grenadine voice could be heard. Inside, guests could smell mildew and mold. Walking over to the kitchen, guests would see Richie's corpse sitting on a moldy chair. In the same room, the Grey Matter Monster would pop out in front of guests from behind a brown curtain. After that guests would enter into a moldy bathroom, where they would see two corpses in the bathtub. The final room of the episode features The Grey Matter Monster popping out at guests from behind some black curtains.

Next, guests would enter the final transition room, this time showing the cover of the comic "Bad Wolf Down". As guests enter the final episode, they would be greeted with the inside of a French prison. As guests walk past the jail cells, they would see claw marks and blood all over the room. To the right, guests could see a dead Nazi general's corpse lying on top of a broken half table. As guests enter one of the jail cells, Captain Talby pops out in front of guests. Entering another cell, Private Rivers pops out in front of guests. The final room of the episode features Doc Kessler as a werewolf puppet that would pop out in front of guests.

Finally, guests would enter the Epilogue room, where the Creep would pop out one last time from behind a poster. As guests leave the maze, they could hear the sound of the Creep's laughter.


  • Father's Day (1982)
  • The Crate (1982)
  • They're Creeping Up On You! (1982)
  • Grey Matter (2019)
  • Bad Wolf Down (2019)



  • "I told you before I didn't want you to read this crap! I never saw such rotten crap in my life! Things coming out of crates and eating people? Dead people coming back to life?! Where do get this shit?! Who sells it to ya?! I'm talking to you, young man! You wanna answer me when I'm talking to you!" -Stan
  • "Stan, don't be too hard on him. All the kids read 'em." - Billy's Mother
  • "My boy isn't ALL the kids. You wanna know where this is going, Billy? In the garbage. Right into the garbage!" - Stan
  • "Daddy, please don't throw it away. I'm sorry." - Billy
  • "The next time I find you with a worthless piece of crap like this again, you won't sit down for a week, buddy boy. Remember that!" - Stan
  • "Where's my cake? It's Father's Day!" - Nathan Grantham
  • "I want my Cake!" - Nathan Grantham
  • "It's Father's Day and now I got my Cake!" - Nathan Grantham
  • "You'll see it. You'll see the Crate, you'll see the blood and then you'll believe me!" - Dexter Stanley
  • "It just sucked him right in!" - Dexter Stanley
  • "Charlie don't go in there!" - Dexter Stanley
  • "I found another cockroach this evening. One of those bigs ones, right here in my penthouse apartment. My supposedly germproof apartment!" - Upson Pratt
  • "They creep up on you." - Upson Pratt
  • "There are things in the corners of this world. That if you look right in the face, it will drive you insane." - Chief
  • "He's changed." - Timothy Grenadine
  • "He was so hungry." - Timothy Grenadine
  • "Mary mother of god, pray for us sinners." - Private. Rivers
  • "Run! Run! Run! Run!" - German Soldier
  • "They're everywhere!" - German Soldier

Sound Effects[]

The Creep Laughter 1 The Creep Laughter 2 Charlie Gereson and Dexter Stanley's Scream Upson Pratt's Scream





  • This house was based on both the movie and show with a couple of twists. [1].
  • Greg Nicotero had brought the idea of the maze to Murdy and his team since he was producing the new show at the time. [2].
  • John Murdy was most excited to do the Crate Segment for this Maze. [3].
  • Greg Nicotero and his team provided many of the sculpts used for the show to be used for the event, most notably the werewolves from Bad Wolf Down. [4].
  • John Murdy voiced Stan's/Billy's Dad's narration at the beginning of the maze. [5].
  • The Opening of the House was a recreation of the conversation from the Opening of the Original Film between Stan and Billy.
  • Fluffy was one of Murdy's favorite characters he brought to life for 2019 [6].
  • The Creep cameos in several scenes throughout the maze aside from his main scares, in a window in Fathers Day, on the computer screen in They're Creeping Up on You, and on an old TV in Grey Matter. [7].
  • The Way the Creep cameos in the Maze with the Projections and Physically through the Transitions is very similar to how they did Sam in Trick 'r Treat.
  • The Artwork for the Entrance was far too clean. Art Director, Chris Williams, actually scanned the staples, creases, and aging from copies of his own comic books and used them to lend authenticity to the environment. [8].
  • Instead of EC it's GN on the Facade which is a Easter Egg. GN stands for Greg Nicotero. [9].
  • All of the Comic Ads from the TV Show at the Beginning of the Maze are from Episode 1 and Episode 4 of Season 1.
  • The static figure of Nathan Grantham in the opening scene of "Father's Day" was supposed to crawl out of the grave like the Bicycle Girl Zombie in The Walking Dead: Dead Inside (Hollywood). The effect did eventually work later on in the Season [10].
  • The Grandfather Clock was from The Horrors of Blumhouse: Chapter Two.
  • In the Head Turn Scene, guests can hear the Grandfather Clock which goes off after Sylvia's Head is turnt. [11].
  • Mrs. Danvers could be spotted behind the Door in the Kitchen Scene in the Father's Day Section.
  • In the I Got My Cake Scene, the Trigger is a Recreation of Cass's Scream from the Film (Which is at 20:50).
  • In the "I Got My Cake" scene there was supposed to be an Applied Graphic of red and blue lighting bolts behind Nathan Grantham (Seen at Midsummer Scream). However this was cut.
  • Nathan Grantham's cake was originally brought out by Nathan himself but eventually it was switched to being stationed on the counter due to it being heavy. [12].
  • Nathan Grantham's Trigger after the Cake Scene is a recreation of his Scream from 10:12 in the Film.
  • The Way they did Fluffy was similar to how they did the Teddy Klaue from Krampus.
  • Charlie Gereson's Trigger was from Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses: In 3-D Zombievision.
  • The Music in the Father's Day and The Crate Sections was from the Segments, The Companion (Season 1, Episode 4) and Night of the Monkey Paw (Season 1, Episode 5) of the TV Show.
  • Upson Pratt's Trigger when activated would show The Creep appearing on the computer monitor and the trigger also activated the exaggerated comic book style lighting in the scene. [13].
  • It was originally stated that the scene where cockroaches burst out of Upson Pratt would be done using a live performer, but in the final version of the maze a static figure was used instead.
  • This maze saw the return of the "feather ninjas", performers dressed in all black that would brush guests with a feather in a dark room. This effect had been absent for several years, having last appeared in 2015's Crimson Peak: Maze of Madness.
  • The story "The Companion" from Episode 4 was originally going to be in this maze, but Grey Matter eventually replaced it [14].
  • The Sets in the Grey Matter Section were Murdy's Favorite Scenic in the Maze. [15].
  • In the Grey Matter Section there was Harrow's Supreme Beer scattered all throughout the Living Room Scene.
  • The Twins in the bathroom in the Grey Matter section was a reference to the Shining.
  • All of the Various Werewolves were references to different Werewolf Films. Captain Talby was a reference to the Wolfman, Private Rivers was a reference to the Howling, and Doc Kessler was a reference to An American Werewolf in London.
  • At the end of the maze the Creepshow magazine Billy throws away could be spotted on top of the trash can.
  • It has been heavily implied that Murdy would like to do a sequel maze featuring the segments from the original film that were not featured in the first maze. Murdy himself has expressed interest in doing so, but it is likely that we won't see it come to fruition until the second season of the Shudder reboot is released. [16].


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