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HHN 15 Cold Blind Terror Sign

Image from the now defunct

Cold Blind Terror
Attraction type Haunted House
Event Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror
Park Universal's Islands of Adventure
Area Production Central
Year 2005
Housed in Soundstage 20
Based on Original

Cold Blind Terror was one of the seven haunted houses that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror. It was located in Soundstage 20.

Description Edit

Where can you turn when you find yourself in utter darkness? Who can you trust when you can't trust your own eyes?

Role in Terra Cruentus Edit

A research team (probably the catalyst for Legendary Truth) was investigating the other side of a pathway known as Maldaken Pass. According to a notebook written by one of the researchers, it was theorized that the "other side" led to the epicenter of terror, where the most basic and primeval elements of human fears coincided.

The research team grabbed the necessary tools and headed off to a mountain in the North Hollow which they dubbed "C.B.T." All that was left was audio messages.

Experience Edit

It was modeled after the Disorientorium from the year before, and brought you through a total onslaught to your senses. The facade was a black and white door, leading guests into the darkness ahead. There were a few scenes that impressed people. One was a black and white patterned room with strobes and people dressed just like the walls. Another room was where you walked into a solid white room with 2 statues in the middle. On the wall there was a cluster of those really bright 3 million watt flood lights. When those went off, you couldn't see because of your eyes being so used to the light. When they come back on the statues were gone and two men dressed like the statues were in the room. There was also a room filled with foam.

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