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Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth
Attraction type Haunted House
Event Halloween Horror Nights 30
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Production Central
Year 2021
Housed in Shrek Theater
Based on Original
Preceded By Legendary Truth: The Wyandot Estate (2010)

Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth was one of ten haunted houses that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights 30. It was located in the Shrek Theater. The house revolved around Boris Shuster (a private investigator from New York and core founder of Legendary Truth: The Collective) and his many investigations revolving around paranormal occurrences.

History and Location[]

For their 2020 Halloween Horror Nights event, Universal was planning to hold a haunted house centered around the popular music artist Billie Eilish. After Halloween Horror Nights was cancelled that year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this haunted house never saw the light of day. Afterwards, speculation began for a maze based on the Creepshow series on Shudder. It was finally announced the maze would center around Legendary Truth and its founder, Boris Shuster.

On August 12th, 2021, Universal announced that Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth would be coming to Halloween Horror Nights that year. The Codename for this House was "Boil".

The house would be the fifth (and possibly final) house located in the Shrek Theater. The houses put in this location would be built within the second, less-used theater for the Shrek 4D attraction.


Follow the trail of a private eye as an investigation into the supernatural leads you into a dark world of ghouls and terrifying creatures.

Step into the shoes of Boris Shuster, a hard-boiled private eye investigating the supernatural. Follow his search for clues into the darkness of a shadowy "film noir" world populated by ghouls, poltergeists and all manner of monstrous terrors.

  • Face horrific creatures in a seedy apartment, an abandoned warehouse, the Museum of Natural History and more.
  • Enter the Kitty Kat club where you’re attacked by terrifying she-devils.
  • Search for the totems that will complete the tale – the tale of a mystery that’s best left unsolved.

Production Die-Ries[]

The Fear Behind the Facades[]

What evil lurks in the heart of men...? More appropriately, what evil lurks behind these walls? The stories have become legendary because a retired gumshoe decided to his department-issued "heater," his nickel-plated "bracelets" and his badge. Although retired, Boris Shuster was as hard boiled as a cop can be... and restless. So he opened up a business as a private detective who specialized in the unexplained, the "beyond weird" and the stranger than fiction cases no one else would touch.

And now you're about to step into his world, re-open his cold case files and come face to face with the criminals, characters and creatures that led to the founding of Legendary Truth and its COLLECTIVE of conspiracy believers.



The queue entrance was in Hollywood to the right of the Hello Kitty Shop. The queue would go through the queue line for Shrek 4D. The extended queue would go down Shrek Alley in a series of switchbacks. You would enter the house through a backstage door, into the second theater.

Haunted House[]

Entering the House there was a wall that introduced Guests to "New Jersey October 25th, 1991 6:00 p.m." and then entered the attic of Boris Shuster. Inside was sticky notes and news articles pinned to the walls, along with boxes and junk. Tim Foyle is seen reading Boris's novels. You then enter the novels.

Terrors of the Tenement[]

Guests enter and see the book cover of "Terrors of the Tenement". Above the hallway is "New York October 25th, 1948 6:00 p.m." where behind door 201, window labelled 201 Empire Modeling Agency, a projection shows a Woman walking by and then a Ghoul sneaking up behind her and killing her. A sliding piece opens while a Ghoul pops out and scares guests.

Guests then enter door 202, Boris Shuster Private Investigations, and see Boris's Office where Boris Shuster shooting a Ghoul. Inside the office, you can see the interior of his window showing Delancey Street in the rain. On his desk is the Baccanoid Vase Totem. The Ghoul then attacks guests as they exit the section.

Murder By Mannequins[]

Guests enter the attic with the book cover of "Murder By Mannequins" with sticky notes pertaining to information inside the novel. Then guests enter an old warehouse.

Inside the warehouse was a bunch of mannequins along with the Maschorian's Egg and Bear Trap Totem on a sewing table. Then behind a windowed door was a projection of Boris Shuster trying to enter the warehouse as the door handle moves but he is unsuccessful.

Guests continue along as a clothing line moves and then 2 Murder Mannequins attack guests. Guests then enter a room with more mannequins and a drop down panel that revealed a woman's head cut up by scissors.

Massacre At The Museum[]

Guests enter the attic with the book cover of "Massacre At The Museum," photos, and more sticky notes and then enter the NYC Natural History Museum.

Inside was the B-30 Archives doors and a shelf with historical items and a Glowing Cerebin Summoning Cube. Throughout the room was flashes of light from Boris's camera taking photos of the crime scene, some of which appeared in the previous attic transition.

On the stairs were two mangled and bloody corpses and on the right was a Matater clawing a corpse before running towards guests under a flashing light. Then a Matater would pop out at guests from under the stairs and another to the right before guests exited the section.

Murder by Moss Man[]

Guests enter the attic to the book cover of "Murder by Moss Man". There is a photo of the NYC Manhole Cover for the Sewers beneath Delancey & 7th Avenue accompying the sticky notes in this scene. Guests then enter the NYC Delancey Sewers.

Throughtout the section, there are skeletons of those killed and dumped by the Mafia. On the right of the hallway r ead "NYC Public Works Delancey ST & 7th Ave." Guests walk down the hallway to feel string hanging down and see a Skeleton at the end with the Glowing Kerezan Summoning Cube, like the one from the Museum. On either side of guests would be 2 Moss Men (Re-animated corpses) that would pop out as they passed by. Before exiting, guests would pass by a drop down panel with a skeleton behind it as well as more hanging string.

The Lustful Alibi[]

Guests enter the attic with the book cover of "The Lustful Alibi" and sticky notes, before they enter Delancey Street.

Guests approach the facade of the Kitty Kat Club and its lit up sign. At the end of the facade was a static figure of Boris smoking a cigarette.

Guests enter the Club and are immediately attacked by a She-Devil. Behind her is shelves of glasses and alcohol, along with the Strengoit Vase Totem. Guests would pass along tables of dead patrons and see Madame Murie on stage welcoming guests and singing. Guests would then be attacked by a She-Devil from behind a curtain and again by one last She-Devil before exiting the section.

The Beast Unleashed[]

Guests enter the attic with

the book cover of "The Beast Unleashed" and sticky notes, and would then enter Sly Tony's Basement.

Inside the basement was a sesk with jars, junk, and the Cerebin Cage Totem. Guests could see a door up the stairs with a shadow behind it, as well as hear Boris trying to enter. Guests would pass a huge cage with Sly Tony's head inside of it and then be attacked by a Wendigo. Guests would then exit the basement into an alley, and be attacked by the Wendigo again before exiting the section.

Death by Dolly[]

Guests enter the attic with the book cover of "Death by Dolly" and sticky notes, then enter Rosie's Bedroom.

In the bedroom was a bed with Rosie's dead parents and Rosie standing on the other side of it. "Rosie" was written in blood above the bed and next to her was a window projection of New York City. Guests would then be attacked by New Dolly with a machete. There was a shelf with a bunch of dolls and the Morphan Doll Totem in the middle of it.

Guests would enter a short hallway with a bunch of disassembled and improperly reassembled dolls and small effects blowing air guests before they exited the section.

Evidence To The Contrary[]

Guests enter the attic with the book cover of "Evidence To The Contrary" as well as sticky notes, and then enter the Police Station.

Inside the station was a Precinct No.5 Door with a projection of a tentacle monster inside and Boris popping out while shooting at them. Guests continue on to see a corpse at a desk with a box whose contents are glowing and the Kerezan Jar Totem on the desk.

Guests would then be attacked by an Undead Prisoner Zombie popping out of a cell. Guests would continue on and be attacked by a Switchboard Operator Zombie from behind a boxes. Guests then see "New Jersey October 31st 1991 11:59 p.m." on the wall before exiting the Section.

Case Of The Terrible Totems[]

Guests enter the attic one final time with the book cover of "Case Of The Terrible Totems" and the last few sticky notes.

Guests would first be attacked by Matater and then by a Wendigo. They would see Tim Foyle on the Arcane Circle surrounded by the Baccanoid, Kerezan, Strengoit, and Cerebin Totems and bricks, with his eyes and mouth glowing while behind him was a portal, projecting the Legion symbols flashing by. Guests would then be attacked by a Ghoul before finally a She-Devil Appears one last time.

Guests continue down a hallway with the Legendary Truth: The Collective symbol on the wall as the Legendary Truth theme played. Guests then exited the house.



  • "It all started with the Damn Totems. Up until that night I was a done for Gum Shoe. Hm. So the vase was in his apartment, that's when the creatures were released. Huh, now what were the other totems? Boris Shuster, private detective.... is the author to these novels?" - Tim Foyle
  • "It all started with the damn Totems. Up until that night I was a done for Gum Shoe on the city 2 heartbeats from going belly up." - Boris Shuster
  • "I was nursing my head with a cup of joe due to the previous nights bender at the Kitty Kat Club. I found that cockeyed vase at my door, moments later those ghoul faced slags showed up. Yeah I ain't no geezer. The Sauce had me out of gas. So I had to show them the business end of the barrel." - Boris Shuster
  • "What hole did you climb out of!?" - Boris Shuster
  • "You brought the Ugly! I'm bringing the lead!" - Boris Shuster
  • "Trail led me to the Warehouse. The next Legendary Totem. Someone unearthed the buried truth." - Boris Shuster
  • "Come on! Damn door!" - Boris Shuster
  • "I was pretty sauced when I got the tip about the sewers! Tunnels? Bad news... I couldn't sleep at night knowing there were nightmares under the streets!" - Boris Shuster
  • "I always had a soft spot for the Kitty Kat Club. Good pour of Lazy Bastard. Pretty high class joint, up until a few dolls and patrons went missing last night!" - Boris Shuster
  • "Boris! Get in here! Dance with me!" - She-Devil
  • "This city is lousy with temptation, and you're the Devil." - Boris Shuster
  • "I wonder why there's no gorilla working the door." - Boris Shuster
  • "I could just eat you up!" - She-Devil
  • "My fist got that scumbag Sly Tony to sing. He captured something in his basement. Thought I'd take a gander, could be another totem." - Boris Shuster
  • "Play with me." - Rosie
  • "Collecting all the totems from the crime scene and storing the evidence in the Precinct! Like the Devil's charging force. I had to warn those knuckleheads! Demons do not go back to hell easy like that!" - Boris Shuster
  • "Go on you ugly mug! Eat Lead!" - Boris Shuster
  • "I gotta hide the Totems someplace where no one will find them! I know just the place!" - Boris Shuster

Post Notes[]





  • Originally in 2020, this house was going to be one themed around popular music artist Billie Eilish. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the house was not able to open that year despite being mostly constructed. Due to Billie Eilish herself opting out of the event in favor of a new representation of herself and her music rather than her old somewhat horror based style, the haunted house was not able to return the following year for Halloween Horror Nights 30.
  • For 2021, the house was speculated to be based around the Creepshow series. Rumor has it that several setpieces built for that maze ended up in Case Files, with windows built for a section based on the episode Bad Wolf Down being used in the Beast Unleashed Section, and the Museum portion featuring props originally designed for sections based on the episodes Grey Matter and The Crate.
  • First described in The Strange Case of Dr. Mary Agana, Shuster investigated a series of grisly murders that exploited the deepest fears and phobias of her unwitting patients.
  • October 25th, 1991 (the date seen at beginning of the house) was a reference to the first day of Fright Nights, Universal Orlando's first HHN event.
  • This house introduced Tim Foyle, a new Legendary Truth character.
  • Boris Shuster wrote all of these novels as fiction to hide the real dangers of the Legions. Tim Foyle believed everything he said and pieced together his clues, finding the artifacts stored away in Boris's Attic.
  • The HHN design team fleshed out Boris' past, including the Legions of Horror he would unearth through dogged investigation and fearless disregard for his own safety.
    • Each section of the maze is based on one of the Legions. The Totems described by Boris and seen in the house are the trophies from the Horror Unearthed game, and appear in each corresponding section of the maze.
    • The Cubes in the Massacre at the Museum and Murder by Moss Man Sections is the same one from The Repository.
  • In Boris's office was a list of several numbers of real locations on Delancey Street in Universal Orlando's New York section, like the Kitty Kat Club and Finnegan's.
  • In Boris's office there was a drawing of Bloody Mary or Mary Agana of her at a mirror.
  • There is a James Deen and Marilyn Monroe Mannequin in the Murder by Mannequin section.
  • There is a set of doors in the Massacre at the Museum section that is labeled B-30 Archives and it being B-30 is it being a reference to it being the 30th Anniversary of the event.
  • Charlie McPherson is mentioned on a time card in the Massacre at the Museum section along with several members of the A&D Team.
  • In the Massacre at the Museum section Carae, France is mentioned on a paper.
  • The Murder by Mannequin and Murder by Moss Man Sections may be loosely inspired by the episodes "The Trevi Collection" and "The Spanish Moss Murders" from the show "Kolchak: The Night Stalker".
  • Because Delancey Street was the epicenter of Boris's world, the designers recreated the interiors of the street facades as they were described in the unnerving pages of his journals (and true-crime novels), bizarre collections. and cold case files.
  • The Design Team researched the original building plans used to construct Delancey Street in 1988.
  • Outside the Kitty Kat Club, the line "Wonder why there's no gorilla working the door" is a possible reference to the Gorilla Bouncer at the Ink and Paint Club in Roger Rabbit.
  • Madam Murie would occasionally sing lyrics from Billie Eilish songs, likely paying homage to the replaced house.
  • "Lazy Bastard Bourbon" is a drink consistently found throughout scenes in the house.
  • Thunder the Pomeranian has been in a house almost every year of HHN. For 2021 he was in this house in The Beast Unleashed section.
  • There is a doll in the Death By Dolly section with button eyes that was inspired by the film Coraline.
  • Rosie's Fox Mask from the 2012 Legions of Horror is in the Death by Dolly section.
  • The various monsters in the house are accurate to the traits of their Legions.
    • Baccanoids are described as stealthy. One of the Ghouls in the Terrors of the Tenement section can be seen in a shadow silhoutte sneaking behind a woman.
    • Maschorians are described to travel in packs. The Murder Mannequins can be seen together next to each other in a pack.
    • Cerebins are described to act like animals and to hunt others. Mataters in the Massacre at the Museum section have killed everyone in the museum and are hunting. The Wendigo in the Beast Unleashed section is also behaves like a hunting animal.
    • Kerezans are described to be undead creatures brought back to life. The Moss Men are corpses brought back to life. The Police Station Zombies are undead as well.
    • Strengoits are described to be passionate and seductive while thirsting for blood. The She-Devils are just that.
    • Morphans are described to be deceptive. Rosie is tricking guests by appearing friendly at first.
  • The Attraction Operations team for this house placed their own unique leaf totem inside the house for the final night of the event, located in the finale scene on the desk.
  • Each house in 2021 had a hidden butterfly, the one for Case Files was located in Death by Dolly inside a framed picture on a wall to the back left of where you entered the scene.
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