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A picture of Boris Shuster's office.

Boris Shuster is a private detective and Bloody Mary's nemesis. His characteristics seems to be similar to Columbo, due to his choice of language in the e-mails. He was investigating the disappearance of a photographer who was one of Dr. Agana's patients. He survived Bloody Mary's attack at the end and founded Legendary Truth: The Collective. By 2008 he owned a summer home in Amity, New York, and apparently still uses it. (Until the Amity area was closed, resulting in the house's disappearance).

Shuster was the only suspect with a file in the Legendary Truth Vault whose personal information has not been revealed, instead clicking on his file allows one to print a paper 3-D model. This angered many who had waited weeks for closure to the case.


It could be possible that Boris Shuster was inspired by old-fashioned, film-noir gumshoes from the 1930s to the 1950s. Also, his choice of slang in his e-mail notes compared the the words of Peter Falk's characters, Columbo, from the 1970s television show and Sam Diamond, from Murder by Death, and Humphrey Bogart's character, Sam Spade, from The Maltese Falcon. The atmosphere surrounding Boris (such as the Kitty Kat Club), are inspired by Orson Welles' character, Police Captain Hank Quinlan, from Touch of Evil (which was released in 1958, the year when Dr. Mary Agana transformed into Bloody Mary). Also, Shuster's transformation from private detective to paranormal investigator of Mary's disappearance could have been inspired by Darren McGavin's character Carl Kolchak from another 1970s television series Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

Twenty Years of Fear Disappearance[]

On the 2010 Legendary Truth website, Boris Shuster has gone missing from the staff page. He does not appear at the event, but a document with his name on it is seen in Legendary Truth: The Wyandot Estate, and a plaque with his name is in Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past.


Wait...did I read this right in that boris pulls her through the mirror? Did I read that wrong? Does he punch through a 1 way mirror, grab her, and pull her through?

I mean, I know "Boris" rhymes with "Norris", but that might be a little over the top - An HHNVAULT MEMBER


  • In 2012, he was revealed to be a member of The Baccanoid Legion, most likely because of his intellect as a detective.
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