It is time for Halloween Horror Nights to begin!
~ Bone


Bone was a character that resembled the Grim Reaper. He appeared in the scarezone Festival of the Deadliest during Halloween Horror Nights 27.

The scareactor walked on stilts and always carried around a large scythe. His voice played over the opening scaremony and the scarezone.

Appearance at Halloween Horror Nights Orlando[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

For decades you have come hear to celebrate fear. Within these gates, you have worship those who have been icons of that power. We have felt your souls, gathering to brace, who that frightens you. With each scream. With each shrieks. With each past year. Your Prize have hold us...closer to this world. Many souls have been claimed to feed our fest. But we hunger for more! It is time to enter your celebration of blood and bone. It is time to share a dance with death. It is time to have your soul claimed. And join the festival of the deadliest! It is time for Halloween Horror Nights to begin! - Halloween Horror Nights 27 Opening Scaremony

Pictures[edit | edit source]

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