Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction


Blood Thunder Alley
Attraction type Scarezone
Event Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror
Park Universal's Islands of Adventure
Area Marvel Super Hero Island
Year 2005
Housed in Marvel Super Hero Island
Based on Original

Blood Thunder Alley was one of the four official scarezones that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror. It was located in Marvel Super Hero Island.

History and Location[edit | edit source]

For their 2005 event, Universal created their own demented country that runs on blood and sacrifice. One of the scarezones they chose to have was one where demonic bikers roamed the streets. This scarezone would be called Blood Thunder Alley. Blood Thunder Alley was a city infested by demon bikers. It was also home to Demon Cantina.

The scarezone would be located in Marvel Super Hero Island, an area of Islands of Adventure in between The Port of Entry and Toon Lagoon. The area features many statues of Marvel Superheroes as well as building related to the cities of the Marvel Universe. This would be the final year the area was used to hold a scarezone, as the Halloween Horror Nights event moved from Islands of Adventure to Universal Studios Orlando.

Description[edit | edit source]

Not quite beast, not quite machine. Beware of the dark monstrosities who rear up and down the blood-splattered pathways of their smoky, thunderous lair.

Hidden in the thick exhaust of Ironbone Gorge, thunderous Bone Choppers celebrate the Season of the Queen as the gangs of Blood Thunder Alley, deranged chainsaw-wielding creatures, lurk in the shadows... waiting as mankind is hypnotically drawn to the seductive pulse of pounding rhythms from The Fatted Calf and The Demon Cantina.

Role in Terra Cruentus[edit | edit source]

The Bone Chopper Riders of Iron Bone Gorge celebrate the Season of the Queen in the Demon Cantina before going on their duties on their monstrous motorcycles. They would ride off making various different deliveries to and from the different realms of Terra Cruentus. The Black Guard also has to take an oath, swearing their allegiance to the Queen. They drink their Bloodberry Wine from goblets made from used Terra Throne Blades.

Website[edit | edit source]

On the map of Terra Cruentus found on the Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror website, visitors could click on and view the Iron Bone Gorge region of the map. There, they could access the website page for Blood Thunder Alley by clicking on a shield with two swords crossing through it. The page showed a motorcycle with various props surrounding it. On the Blood Thunder Alley page, visitors could click on the Goblet symbol and a bloodied chainsaw to see a two different short videos of a victim being murdered. They could also open a compartment on the motorcycle to click on and view various papers, including the Black Guard's Oath of Loyalty, a message book, and three maps showing the different deliveries the Bone Chopper Riders made. There was also a grenade, a bottle of chainsaw oil, and a screwdriver on the page. Finally, visitors could click on a crystal skull to hear a voiceover.

Website Pictures[edit | edit source]

Audio[edit | edit source]

Audio that played on the Scarezone Page:

Song that played on the Backstory Page: Descent into the Depths by Midnight Syndicate

Audio that played when the Goblet symbol was clicked on in the Backstory Page:

Audio that played when the chainsaw was clicked on in the Backstory Page:

Audio that played when the crystal skull was clicked on in the Backstory Page:

Scareactors[edit | edit source]

  • Fearcillitator

  • People with Chainsaws

  • Chainsaw bikers

  • Dancers

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