Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure (1996)
Attraction type Show
Event Halloween Horror Nights VI
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Amity
Year 1996
Housed in Wild West Stage
Based on

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)

Various pop culture from 1996

Preceded by Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure IV (1995)
Followed by Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure: The Final Frontier (1997)

Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure (1996) was one of the four shows that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights VI. It was located in The Wild West Stage.

Description[edit | edit source]

Dudes, Bill and Ted encounter legendary movie and T.V. heroes and villains in a wickedly funny, action-packed battle across time.

Show[edit | edit source]

The show opened with a Mission Impossible like opening that explains how Bill, Ted and their phonebooth were kidnapped and how because of the time travel element, this case was an "X-File". The tape then self-destructs and Mulder and Scully appear on stage. They search for the phonebooth and the phonebooth appears in a cloud of smoke. Bill and Ted come out along with the Cigarette Smoking Man and his Henchman. They were kidnapped by them on their way to a 70s Kiss concert.

Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible drops from the ceiling. The Terminator, T he Crow, and Snake Plissken all appear to help Bill and Ted. Gunfights ensue and the Cigarette Smoking man escapes in the phone booth. Bill and Ted call him back and he comes back with the T-1000, Catwoman, and Boba Fett. Will Smith from Independence Day comes and starts rapping. Sean Connery's James Bond saves the day in the end and says "Let's Get Ready to Rock".

The song and dance finale begins and begins with the Stray Cats song "Rock this Town" followed by the Olympics theme. Kerri Strug comes out and does her routine and breaks her leg. The Terminator then carries her away. Ethan Hunt comes out in a white dress shirt and underwear and sings "Old Time Rock and Roll", a scene from the movie "Risky Business". The Cigarette Smoking Man has a change of heart and returns the phone booth. They then play "Rock and Roll All Night" by Kiss to close the show.

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