Name Description Attractions Hosted
Soundstage 28 This is the only fully equiped soundstage in Universal Studios Singapore, and is used for elaborate houses. It is located behind the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase ride in the New York area. Vengeance of the Matriarch

[1](2011), Dungeon of Damnation (2012), Adrift (2013), Jack's 3-Dementia (2014), Siloso Gateway Block 50 (2015), Death Mall[2] (2017), Killuminati (2018)

Outside Soundstage 28 The houses constructed here are under a covered section outside of Soundstage 28. Jing's Revenge

[3] (2014), Tunnel People (2015), Hawker Centre Massacre (2016), Inside the Mind[4](2017), Stranger Things (2018)[5]

Sting Alley This is an outdoor alley that connects the main thoroughfare of the New York area with the wharf area facing the lagoon. The switchbacks in the nearby Lights Camera Action show were used to handle the queue for this house/scarezone. Pestilence (2011), Death Alley (2012), Bogeymen[6] (2014), ConTERMINATED[7] (2015)
Waterworld Queue This covered queue area was cleared of all railings and switchbacks to expose a large area for the construction of the houses.  The Insanitarium (2012), Possessions (2013),The L.A.B: Laboratory of Alien Breeding[8] (2014), True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT[9] (2015), Bodies of Work (2016) Terrorcota Empress[10](2017), Pagoda of Peril (2018)
Jurassic Park Tent This house location is located on a backstage road that is sandwiched between the Revenge of the Mummy building and the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. Due to the narrow layout of the site, the houses in this location usually moves in one direction, before exiting into a long corridor that leads guests back onto the main thoroughfare. Songs of Death (2013), Mati Camp[11](2014), Hell House[12] (2015), Old Changi Hospital[13] (2016), Hex[14] (2017), Pontianak (2018)[15]
Rockefeller Center Tent The house that was located here here was located in a tent behind a facade of the Rockefeller Center in the New York area of the park. Salem Witch House

[16] (2016)

Between Si-Fi City and Ancient Egypt The houses here are held in an area to the side of the Revenge of the Mummy show building, sandwiched between the two areas. Hu Li's Inn

[17] (2016), Make the Cut[18] (2017), The Haunting of Oiwa (2018)

Hollywood The main entrance of the park leads directly into this covered zone. Heavy fog effects are often used, along with props and set pieces that hang off from the canopy overhead. Carn-EVIL (2011), House of Dolls (2012)
New York This is a covered area with a huge canopy overhead. The facade of the New York Public Library buildings has been used for projection mapping. The space in front of the Library facade has also been used for short shows. Post-Apocalyptic Rage (2011), Total Lockdown (2012), Attack of the Vampires (2013), Demoncracy[19] (2014), The Invaders[20] (2015), March of the Dead[21] (2016), Pilgrimage of Sin (2017), Apocalypse Earth (2018)
Sci-fi City There are two parts to this zone: the covered thoroughfare in front of the Transformers ride, as well as the outdoor area below the Battlestar Galactica coaster.  The Void (2011), Chill Out Zone (2013)
Ancient Egypt This is an outdoor area in front of the Revenge of the Mummy ride. It is a straight thoroughfare with heavy Egyptian theming.  The Edge of Darkness (2011), Bizarre Bazaar (2012), Convention of Curses (2013), Canyon of the Cursed[22] (2014), Cannibal (2018)
The Obelisk This is a small plaza located at the tip of the Ancient Egypt zone, and faces the lagoon. It has mainly been used for shows. 44 Sins (2011), Covent Celebration (2013)
Lost World This is an outdoor zone with heavy vegetation and meandering pathways based on Jurassic Park.  Forbidden Forest

[23] (2013), Scary Tales[24] (2014), Hungry Ghosts[25] (2015), Suicide Forest[26]( 2016), Happy Horror Days (2017)

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