Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood attraction
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Ash vs. Evil Dead
Attraction type Haunted Maze

Halloween Horror Nights 2017 (Hollywood)

Park Universal Studios Hollywood
Area Metro Lot


Housed in Metro Sets
Based on Ash vs. Evil Dead Seasons 1 and 2 (2015-2016)

Ash Vs. Evil Dead (Hollywood) was one of the seven haunted mazes that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights 2017 (Hollywood). It was located in the Metro Sets.

Description[edit | edit source]

The story begins in an isolated cabin in the woods. It was there that young Ash Williams and his friends stumbled upon a book and unwittingly unleashed an ancient evil on the Earth. After losing all of his friends, and his right hand, the evil was vanquished and life returned to normal. Ash settled into the quiet life, living in a trailer park, drinking in dives and working in an undemanding, dead-end job.

But evil doesn't sleep forever. Thirty years later, poor Ash screwed up and recited passages from that book one lousy time and evil has found him again!

Now it's time for Ash to reclaim his chainsaw and save the world again from an evil worse than anything he has confronted before.

Scareactors[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Yo, Granny. It's Time to Dance!"- Ash Williams.
  • We are near!"- Deadite Vivian.
  • It is time to test the mettle of man."- Deadite Vivian.
  • You can't out run evil, Ash!"- Pablo.
  • Watch me!"- Ash Williams.
  • Ashy Slashy's going to get you!"- Little Boy
  • Ashy Slashy, Ashy Slashy, Ashy Slashy!"- People in Elk Grove.
  • My sister, Cheryl.I killed her decades ago ,I got to finder her, and kill her again."- Ash Williams.
  • Come and get me,Ash!- Deadite Cheryl.
  • You're next.- Deadite Cheryl.
  • You're still a lousy dancer!- Deadite Cheryl.
  • You're still a bitch!- Ash Williams.
  • You can't stop us. We'll kill you all.- Deadite Cheryl.
  • Sorry sis, play times over.- Ash Williams.
  • Hello! You're next, hot stuff!- Deadite Amanda.
  • YOU!- Deadite Amanda.
  • My name is Ash Williams. I'm here to save the world from evil, again.- Ash Williams.
  • Ah, crap.- Ash Williams.
  • You fight like a Girl!- Ash Williams.
  • I see you! You're both dirty birds. And I'm going to hurt you, real, real bad.- Deadite Henrietta.
  • Watch me suck out your soul!- Deadite Henrietta.
  • Game over, bitch!- Ash Williams.
  • Groovy.- Ash Williams.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Several scenes that were cut from the final maze include Linda's head in the vice in the shed, the possessed trees, and the possessed Delta.
  • Although being billed as season 1 and 2 of the show, around 2/3rds of it was based on season 2, likely due to similarities with Evil Dead 2, which the creative team has wanted to do for a long time.
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