Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood attraction
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Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D 

Attraction type Haunted Maze

Halloween Horror Nights 2012 (Hollywood)

Park Universal Studios Hollywood
Area Upper Lot


Housed in Terminator Queue
Based on Alice Cooper's Music
Preceded By

Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare (2011)

Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D was one of the six haunted mazes that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights 2012 (Hollywood). It was located in the Terminator Queue.

Description[edit | edit source]

Since the dawn of time, there is one place that man has feared above all others; a place of unending darkness, eternal torment and unimaginable horrors...a place called Hell. Now rock/horror icon Alice Cooper is going to take you there! Your journey into the abyss will take you through the mythical levels of Hell, each more terrifying than the last. With mind-blowing 3D visuals, you'll experience the inferno through the eyes of Alice Cooper. This promises to be one nightmare you won't easily wake up from!

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  • John Murdy's overall concept for “Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D” was pretty ambitious for a maze. The idea was to combine Alice’s 1976 concept album (titled Alice Cooper Goes to Hell) with Dante’s vision of Hell from “Inferno;” the first part of the 14th century epic poem called “The Divine Comedy"[1].
  • The concept for the facade was to make the entrance to Hell an old Carny dark ride. Murdy has always sought out those types of rides and drew reference from traveling carnivals in Europe and a night club called “Hell” that existed in Paris in the 20’s. Alice did the barker’s voice outside the facade[2].
  • Dante’s Hell was 9 circles that included the 7 deadly sins. While Murdy knew the majority of our guests wouldn’t have read a 14th century Italian poem, he was fairly certain they knew the sins from films like “Se7en.” To set it up, they used images of Alice to create posters for each sin[3].
  • The creative team needed to come up with an overall host character that could take on different iterations as guests travelled through the various circles of Hell. They landed on “The Showman” version of Alice inspired by his 1994 album “The Last Temptation” since the facade had a Carny theme[4].
  • Murdy loved to work with Alice Cooper one more time to the end the trilogy after 2011's Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare (Hollywood) and this house, and hopes to work with him in the foreseeable future if possible to make it happen.
  • Murdy flew to Peoria, IL to film a promo with Alice for the maze, his luggage got lost, script, backstage pass etc. He marched into his dressing room with no credentials the next day and improvised the promo with Alice on his stage. (John Murdy on twitter)
  • People have asked Murdy over the years for the playlist to Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D..here’s the song list if you want to recreate it. Facade: “Go to Hell” (Alice Cooper Goes to Hell), Hallway of Sins: “Titanic Overture” (Pretties for You), Purgatory: “You & Me” (Lace & Whiskey). Limbo: “DaDa” (DaDa), “Wind Up Toy” (Hey Stoopid) & “Dead Babies” (Killer), Gates of Hell: “This House is Haunted” (Eyes of Alice Cooper), Gluttony: “Eat Some More” (Brutal Planet), Greed: “Sick Things” (Billion Dollar Babies) & “10 Minutes Before the Worm (Pretties for You). (John Murdy on twitter)
  • The concept for the facade was to make the entrance to Hell an old Carny dark ride. I’ve always sought out these types of rides and drew reference from traveling carnivals in Europe and a night club called “Hell” that existed in Paris in the 20’s. Alice did the barker’s voice. (John Murdy on twitter)
  • In Dante’s Inferno, the first circle of Hell is Limbo, which you envisioned as a waiting room in the DMV. This lead to a hellish nursery with demon babies and The Nightmare Nurse, whose costume was inspired by WWI era nurses. It’s one of Murdy's favorite characters and based on one of his favorite drawings by Lucas Culshaw.' (John Murdy on twitter)
  • To reach The Gates of Hell you had to cross the River Styx which had scores of hands reaching out of the water. This was literally an image from a reoccurring nightmare Murdy had when he was six, so he put it into the maze. he didn’t know it at the time but he was dreaming Inferno. (John Murdy on twitter)
  • The gates of Hell themselves were held up by a mound of skeletons who are fighting with themselves for the privilege! Just before the gates was an eyeless girl caught in the coils of a giant snake holding an Apple who represented Eve and the idea of original sin. (John Murdy on twitter)
  • The stilt walker at the Gates of Hell was inspired by the Ferryman that takes the dead across the river Styx, albeit with a Medusa twist! And from there...the maze and the interpretations of the circles of Hell/deadly sins got stranger... (John Murdy on twitter)
  • “Greed” was interpreted as a hoarder’s house filled with trash; strange objects and bad smells. The main character in this scene was inspired by the urban legends of what Howard Hughes looked like towards the end of his life. (John Murdy on twitter)
  • Gluttony was interpreted as an all-you-can-eat Las Vegas buffet with rotten, maggot covered food and a pig-faced man who is in the process of devouring himself. Alice, of course, was the chef. (John Murdy on twitter)
  • "Vanity” was an all mirrored room where a doctor is performing cosmetic surgery to a patient whose had waaaay to many turns under the knife. Her make up was designed to have some skin pieces that were removable to expose the bloody, raw tissue underneath. (John Murdy on twitter)
  • “Lust” was interpreted as a seedy gentlemen’s club where all the patrons have had their eyes violently gouged out in different ways. (John Murdy on Twitter)
  • “Wrath” or violence was a torture chamber where Alice executioners were killing Alice victims in all the different ways he “died” on stage...hanging, electric chair, guillotine, and this bi-sect kill Murdy and co. came up with.
  • Like Dante’s Inferno, the final circle of Hell is frozen with the damned trapped forever in the ice. Satan is interpreted as a giant snake, which was a puppet created by Magee FX. (John Murdy on twitter)

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