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WARNING! This page contains information from an event that has yet to conclude. If you wish to remain spoiler free, do not read on.
Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction

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30 Years 30 Fears
Attraction type Scarezone
Event Halloween Horror Nights 30
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Production Central
Year 2021
Housed in Plaza of the Stars
Based on Original/ HHN Past
Preceded By ICONS: HHN (2015)

30 Years 30 Fears was one of five scarezones that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights 30. It was located in the Plaza of the Stars and celebrated the past 30 years of Halloween Horror Nights.

History and Location[]

For their Halloween Horror Nights 30 anniversary year in 2021, Universal decided to feature a scarezone celebrating the extensive history of the event, most notably the icons. On August 12th, 2021, Universal announced that 30 Years 30 Fears would be one of the five scarezones featured at the event that year.

It would be located in an area called Plaza of the Stars. The area is a street located in front of the entrance of the park.


The monsters you’ve most dreaded from past Halloween Horror Nights have taken over the streets. They’re back and you’re history. The most infamous characters from past Halloween Horror Nights scare zones will reunite to take over the Avenue of the Stars in 30 Years, 30 Fears. Guests will enter a gory reunion where the past has come back to haunt them with creatures of blood and bone, beastly monstrosities and chainsaw-wielding fiends lurking around every corner.

Production Die-Ries[]

Rearview Mirror

This scarezone is one of the first areas that guest experience as they enter the event. Normally it's just one of many themed scarezones but this year the HHN design team decided to make a huge entrance statement in celebration of the 30th Anniversary. It will serve as a portal or gateway to the entire event as opposed to an individual street.

This is a celebration of HHN's thirty years. Throughout it you will encounter creatures seen throughout the history of HHN. It's an opportunity to catch these creatures one more time...or maybe they'll catch you.





  • When creating this scarezone, the HHN design team consistently had the philosophy that it was a big HHN party zone.
  • This scarezone was more of a celebration of the entire event as opposed to an area built with the intention of whisking you away to another realm.
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